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Nurses scholarship

The role of nurses has always been vitally important in healthcare. Nurses are on the frontline every day, their empathy and compassion as well as their expertise can transform how patients experience often stressful and confronting treatment. Largely the unsung heroes in any hospital, they work tirelessly to ensure patient comfort and care.

This year in support of the amazing work our nurses do we are raising funds to support the newly established Nursing Scholarship Fund. This fund is aimed at providing nurses with financial support to attend training courses to further their knowledge and skills in the care and management of patients with skin cancer and skin diseases.

It is also a way patients can express their gratitude and contribute in a meaningful way for the nursing care they have received with us.

We invite you to support this great cause.

CD176 200Your donation will help fund our research and education activities into diseases of the skin and vital equipment for the patients in our care.

All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.

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